Our top picks of Corporate Gift Baskets

Everything you do in a corporate setting makes a statement. Whether it’s the shape of your logo, the colour of your branding, or the way you handle customers, it says something important about your business. While your mission, vision, and organisational strategy are probably more focused on the big things, the little things matter too.

What exactly are these little things? One factor is how you treat your employees.  From a corporate perspective, it’s probably enough to pay their wages on time. But on a personal level, the treatment employees receive at work has a significant impact on their performance. And the better they perform, the bigger your bottom line will be.

Keep your team happy with thoughtful things like benefits, flexitime, help with childcare, and gift hampers. These can become a business tradition. Maybe they can receive hampers on birthdays or other special occasions. And hampers aren’t just for your team members. Key clients can get gift baskets too, as a thank you for their continued business.

In line with maintaining a positive company image, why not combine corporate gifts with charity work? When you order a gift basket from Charity Hampers, 10% of your pre-delivery price is donated to a charity of your choice. We support more than 60 charities that cover cancer research, animal protection, environmental conservation, and much more.

When it comes to the hampers themselves, we have more than 20 on offer, and you can spend between $50 and $500 depending on your budget and specifications. We offer a delivery service for both bulk and individual hampers, and discounts are available for multiple batches of gifts. If you’re unhappy, we guarantee your money back.

Our hampers cover a wide variety of tastes and preferences. We have alcohol, chocolate, cheese, luxury items, and pamper hampers. If your recipient is a beer drinker, give them an international beer taste tour all in one basket. Our beer hamper includes Heineken, Peroni, Stella Artois, Corona, and Becks, plus a selection of potato chips and nuts.

We cater for wine drinkers too. You could go for a chocolate hamper paired with either red or white wine, or try a duo hamper that includes a bottle of both plus some honey, nuts, and fudge. For those who prefer their snacks salty, we have a Shiraz and Savoury hamper with crackers, nuts and relish. It also includes tasting notes.

Whisky lovers aren’t left behind. Our Glenfiddich hamper contains a 12-year-old bottle of scotch and some decadent chocolate to go with it. And if you can’t decide what to put in and what to leave out, pick our Luxury or Executive hampers. They have a bit of everything.

Not a drinker? We have coffee gift baskets which include an easy-to-follow book that teaches you how to create designs atop your cup of espresso. The hamper also has a coffee blend, fudge, and melting moments to go with your favourite mug of brew.

As you order your hamper, you’ll be prompted to select your charity. We’ll let them know about your donation, and stamp your hamper with a foil thank-you sticker confirming your choice. To pick a gift basket and make a difference today, give us a call on 1300 699 126.

Gift Baskets for Dad’s Birthday

We all want to get something a little extra, whether it’s a bonus gift or a savings coupon. Well, what if you could get your dad an amazing birthday gift and donate to charity all at the same time? To make it even better, dad’s gift will have a special thank-you stamp so that he gets the warm fuzzies of knowing he helped someone else.

That’s exactly what you get when you order any gift basket from Charity Hampers. We donate 10% of your cost to a charity of your choice – or your dad’s choice. And we have a couple of tailor-made gift hampers for him.

Our Dad oriented hampers are so varied that you can find one to suit your dad easily and you can put your dad’s name on a $10 donation to his favourite charity. You can choose from any of our 60+ charities. They cover leukaemia research, pet protection, teen outreach, and so much more. We even have clown doctors, so browse our donations page and take your pick.

As for the hampers themselves, we cater to both the drinking dad and the teetotaller. If dad enjoys his claret, the Red Wine and Nibbles Hamper is bound to hit the right spot. It contains a bottle of Two Churches Cabernet Sauvignon.

It also has a variety of snacks he can enjoy as he sips his glass of 2014. The gift basket includes crisp bread, wasabi peanuts, melting moments, chilli almonds, crackers, relish, olives, and roasted peppers. There’s quite a bit of kick in this gift, so you might want to have a glass of milk on hand to cool down your dad’s tongue.

If dad is more of a coffee guy, get him the espresso lover’s delight. It has a book with top barista tips and tricks. In a few weeks, he’ll be an expert on coffee art and can dazzle his guests with fancy coffee mug designs. The gift basket also contains melting moments, rich, luscious fudge, and Woolloomooloo coffee blend.

When you’re ordering your gift hamper, you’ll be prompted to choose which charity you want your donation to go to. If you’d like the hamper to be a surprise for your dad, quiz him on the causes he believes in, so that you can choose one without asking him directly.

As part of his gift package, your dad’s hamper will have a foil sticker naming his chosen charity. The charity itself will receive an email listing his name and donation. The hamper will then be delivered to your dad. Check our delivery guide so that he gets his birthday gift hamper on time. And don’t hesitate to glance at the money-back guarantee.

To make a difference in the world and bring a smile to your dad’s face, call us on 1300 699 126 and order your Dad’s hamper today.

Gift Basket Ideas for Your Boss

When it comes to buying gifts for your boss, it’s always tricky as you don’t want to give them a gift that is puzzling or offensive. You want to give your boss a gift that is appropriate and one they will appreciate (one that’s doesn’t put you in their *bad books*). It can sometimes be quite stressful finding the perfect gift, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are concerned about how much money to spend – you don’t want to spend too much and put yourself off-side with your co-workers, but you don’t want to give a gift that looks cheap and nasty. Why not consider pooling your resources with all or some of your co-workers and buy your boss a lovely gift hamper?

Gift hampers are a great gift for your boss – a gourmet or pamper gift set are also great gift ideas. It all depends on your industry and your boss as to how much or how little you spend on him (or her) and what type of person they are.

Here are some great gift ideas for the boss, that can be delivered right to his or her office.

  • Red wine in a wooden case – a perfect way to show your appreciation, this gift is presented in a wooden gift box, finished off with a ribbon and card, inside – D’Arenberg Footbolt Shiraz 2013 McLaren Vale and a Chocolatier deliciously indulgent milk and dark chocolate assortment chocolate box.
  • Chocolate Box Hamper – presented in the Charity Hamper signature gift box inside is a chocolate and walnut fudge by Reich, Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate, Charlie’s Traditional Choc Salted Caramel Mini melting moments and Byron Bay Cookie Company milk chocolate chunk cookies in a premium gift tin
  • Coffee Lover – perfect for the boss who loves their coffee. Barista is an Italian word meaning someone who has mastered the espresso machine and is also an expert on brewing and mixing espresso beverages. Included in this hamper is the Barista Coffee Collector’s Edition book that not only guides you step by step through designing some wonderful cappuccino art, it also includes cake and biscuit recipes using coffee as an ingredient! Also included in the signature gift box is Toby Estate coffee – Woolloomooloo Blend, Fudge by Rich Chocolate and Walnut, and Charlie’s Traditional Choc Salted Caramel Mini melting moments.
  • Gourmet Delights – this gift hamper contains treats that can be enjoyed straight away along with some pantry essentials that can be enjoyed throughout the year and contains a little bit of everything…. Maggie Beer Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Verjuice, Aged Red Wine Vinegar, James Road Chocolate Fudge Biscuits, Simon Johnson Wasabi Peanuts, Fudge by Rich Chocolate and Walnut, and Charlie’s Traditional Raspberry and White Chocolate Mini Melting Moments, Chocolatier Pure Indulgence Dark Chocolate Assortment, Bizzari Dolci Handmade Lavosh, Port Willunga Feijoa Paste and Falwasser All Natural Crispbread, all presented in a Charity Hampers signature gift box.

Don’t forget 10% of what you spend will be donated to charity – another thing your boss is sure to appreciate.

Our Top Picks for Relaxation Gift Hampers

Relaxation focused Charity Hampers are the perfect gifts to give for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, to say thank you, or to make people feel special. The even better news is 10% of the money you spend goes to charity!
A gift basket is a perfect way to give a bunch of smaller gifts in one unique package, and a gift hamper of *relaxing* items is perfect for that busy mum or stressed out businessman. Gift hampers allow the recipient to see everything that is in the box, which is often wrapped or lined with coloured cellophane or tissue.

Sweet Treats Pamper Box

Sweet Treats Pamper Box Gift Hampers Sweet Treats Pamper Box is the ultimate gift for treating the body, featuring some delicious and beautifully scented pampering treats including – Urban Rituelle Caramella products – scented soy candle, petite parfum, Petite hand cream, organic lip balm and a premium cosmetic bag to store them in. All stylishly presented in our signature gift box finished with tissue, ribbon and a card.

Pamper Him Deluxe Gift Hamper

Pamper Him Deluxe gift Hamper Pamper Him Deluxe gift hamper completes with a luxurious bathrobe, chocolates and some *manly* Urban Rituelle grooming products – all in one wash, shaving cream, aftershave balm, Microplush bathrobe (one size fits all) Chocolatier deliciously indulgent milk and dark chocolate assortment. Perfect for Valentine’s day, birthday’s, Father’s Day or wedding anniversaries, presented in a Charity Hampers signature gift box with ribbon, tissue and a card.

Organic Pamper Gift Hamper

Organic Pamper Gift Hamper Organic Pamper Gift Hamper – for the woman you love, treat her senses to the delicious scents of some stunning Rituelle organic products, from saying I love you, to happy birthday, happy Mother’s Day or happy anniversary this stunning pamper set. It comes complete with a M/L size white Microplush bathrobe, Organic body lotion, organic hand lotion and scattered charity chocolates, all wrapped with care and love in a signature box with tissue, ribbon and a card. This one will put a smile on any woman’s face

Men’s Pamper Box

Men’s Pamper Box Gift Hamper Men’s Pamper Box gift hamper – look after your dad, husband or boyfriend and treat him to some lovely Urban Rituelle men’s grooming products. He’ll love this stylishly presented signature gift box containing All in one wash, Shave cream and aftershave balm, wrapped in tissue and ribbon, complete with a card.

Moet Pamper Treat

Moet Pamper Treat Gift Hamper Moet Pamper Treat gift hamper – we saved the best to last! The ultimate luxury pamper gift hamper – can you think of anything more indulgent than sipping champagne in a soft fluffy bathrobe while enjoying some chocolates? This stunning gift hamper contains – Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne – France, Chocolatier deliciously indulgent milk and dark chocolate assortment and a luxurious bathrobe with a super soft plush pile fluffiness that lasts. Stylishly presented in a Charity Hampers signature gift box finished with ribbon, tissue and a card.

Effective Ways to Raise Money for Your Charity

Raising money for a charity can be hard work these days, as with so many different charities in existence, it can be hard to get people’s attention and therefore be able to generate enough interest and support. Your best chance is always to try to get creative and be original, and you may find it is easier for your charity to stand out than you may have once thought. The following is a look at some of the ways you can easily and effectively raise money for your charity.

Put a call out

It is vital that everyone knows your charity is in need of money, so before you do anything else, put a call out far and wide asking for donations. You never know who will be willing to donate, and depending on your charity and your networks, the simple act of asking for money can be enough to bring a significant amount flowing in — especially if your charity is well known and respected throughout the community.

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Buying Gifts for Hard to Please People

Buying gifts for some people can be an absolute nightmare, but the following guide should help you be covered for all of those fussy friends this year.

Ask them what they want

If you have no ideas at all about what to buy that hard-to-please person, don’t allow it to stress you out too much — simply ask them what it is they want. This obviously kills the surprise, but it will also mean you get them something they will actually want. If you want there to be at least some element of surprise, you can ask them to give you a list of things they want, and then you can pick one from there.

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Top 10 Celebrations from the Last 100 Years

The last 100 years has been a pretty eventful time in human history, filled with both great achievements and great catastrophes. This article lists the top 10 celebrations of the past century.

November 11, 1918 Armistice Day

November 11, 1918 marked the end of the First World War. In London, it was marked with the ringing of Big Ben for the first time since August, 1914. Gas lamps in Paris were also lit for the first time in four years.

May 7-8, 1945 V-E Day: end of World War II

This date marked the end of the European component of World War II. Upon the surrender of Nazi Germany, people around the world cheered and celebrations sprang up spontaneously across the globe.

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A Fun Introduction to Charity Greeting Cards

Using Social Media to Raise Awareness for Your Charity

In today’s interconnected world, social media has become key to any strategy aimed at raising brand awareness, fundraising and reaching out to an audience. Most young people use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or some form of social media as a way to connect with their peers and to stay updated on what is going on in the world. What this means for charities is that if you want to reach out to a younger audience and build a sustainable base of supporters, social media is the way to do it. Here are a few tips to help you navigate and take advantage of this brave new world.

Find your current supporters on social media

It’s harder to start cold and build up supporters when you are a stranger in a strange land. It is much easier if you already know people who can help you get established and connect you to others in the neighbourhood. This applies with social media as well. If you already have a base of supporters in the real world, ask them if they use some form of social media, because most likely, they do. Knowing where your current supporters are concentrated in the social media world can give you a starting point in establishing a presence there. This is where your real-world base can be valuable, as they are connected to a wider network on social media and can help you reach a broader base.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts in History

It is never easy finding the perfect gift, but whether you are giving gift hampers or high-end jewellery, having a bit of money to play with will always make life far easier on you. The following are some of the most expensive gifts ever given.

The Taj Mahal

Valued at just short of a million dollars at the time of its construction, Emperor Shah Jahan had this impressive structure built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Ever since, the Taj Mahal has been viewed as the ultimate in romantic gifts.

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