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Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift for a vegan friend? Since the holidays are coming up, you can show your vegetarian friends that you put some thought into their gifts by giving them something that supports their lifestyle. You can buy them a separate gift, or you can get them a vegan gift basket .

Here are the top ten vegan-friendly gifts:

1. Donation To An Animal Rights Group

Any vegan will really appreciate a donation sent in their name towards an animal rights group or an environmental conservation group. This gift can carry a lot more meaning than any material gift. Some animal rights organisations such as RSPCA will allow you donate money every month on a subscription basis.

2. Gift Card To A Vegan Restaurant

A gift card to a vegan-friendly restaurant is a great gift idea. Just make sure you choose the right restaurant. Just because a restaurant offers a few vegan meals doesn’t mean it caters completely to vegans. Look online for reviews on restaurants in your area for some recommendations.

3. Soy Candles

Not many people realise that most candles are made out of beeswax and animal-derived stearic acid. Paraffin wax candles aren’t a good idea either, because paraffin wax is made from the same material as gasoline. Soy candles are the only good option for a vegetarian. They distribute more aroma and burn for a lot longer than regular candles as well.

4. Organic Clothes

Items like non-leather shoes and belts make great gifts. You can also find organic clothes made out of recyclable materials. Even recycled TV screens can be used to create boots!

5. Vegan-Friendly Makeup And Fragrances

Perfume, cosmetics, lip balms, and lotions can all be made out of natural ingredients. Urban Decay, Arbonne, and Crazy Rumors are three of the best brands for vegan-friendly beauty products. Another reason why these are vegan friendly brands is that they don’t test their products on animals.

6. Vegan Cookbook

Give your friend a cookbook filled with meatless meal ideas. There are tons of great meals and snacks they can make. One of the bestselling books is “Vegenomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook”. You can also get your recipient a subscription to a vegan magazine such as Vegan Magazine and VegNews.

7. Organic Tea Sampler

Does your vegan friend enjoy tea? How about a delightful assortment of 100% organic tea? A sampler set can include teas such as Mint, Chai, Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey and Green Tea. They’re all gluten-free and organic.

8. Vegan Gift Hampers

As mentioned above, a gift basket or hamper for vegan is a really great gift idea. You can put anything you want in the hamper – vegan snacks, cookbooks, T-shirts and much much more.

9. Organic Chocolate Truffles

If you don’t have a lot of money, you can go with an affordable gift like a box of chocolate truffles. Organic chocolate tastes just as great as ordinary chocolate.

The great thing about all of these gifts is that they’re very affordable! You can easily impress your vegetarian friend without going over your budget.