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7 Great Gifts for Rugged Campers

Looking for a wonderful gift for a lover of the outdoors? Hikers and campers need various equipment, items, and food when spending time in the great outdoors. Give them something that they can use and your gift will be appreciated. No, you don’t have to buy them expensive equipment; something simple like a gift basket filled with fruit would make a fine gift.

Here are seven more great gifts for campers and hikers:

1. Survival Kit

A survival kit is a must-have for anybody who plans on spending some time outdoors. The Emergency Zone Brand kit is a good choice, as it contains everything from flashlights to an emergency blanket. It also comes with a first aid kit with all of the essential first aid supplies.

2. A Book On Campfire Cooking

There are plenty of delicious meals and snacks that campers can prepare by the campfire. A campfire cookbook offers recipes for BBQ Chicken Pies, Honey Garlic Pork Chops, Sweet Peach Pockets, and many other meals. Some meals can be prepared in a skillet, and some can be prepared on a stick.

3. Bushnell Backtrack

Anybody who spends time outdoors should use a GPS system. This particular unit is designed to get the user back to where they started. It’s the perfect gift for the hiker or camper who has a tendency to get lost. This device isn’t limited to the outdoors, either – it can also help anybody who gets lost in a parking lot or a shopping mall.

4. TrackPack Coolers

This handy product is a backpack cooler. Its internal storage system makes it easy for the user to keep cans organised. It can hold up to 20 cans at once, along with a few ice packs. One nice feature is a secret slot on each side of the cooler that allows access to drinks without having to take the backpack off.

5. Hammock Tent

In order to set up a hammock, all your friend needs is two trees. The Eureka Chrysalis is designed to be a hammock and a tent. It’s smaller than a regular tent and provides the comfort of a hammock. There’s enough room for one person and some gear.

6. Gift Hampers

A camper’s gift basket can come with all kinds of practical and useful items. Your friend can take a gift hamper with him or her on a camping or hiking trip. Be sure to include a compass, bottle opener, pocket knife, and a stainless steel water bottle.

7. Solar-Powered Charger For Electronic Devices

Just a decade ago it wasn’t possible to charge electronic devices without an outlet. When the first iPod was released near the end of 2001, solar-powered chargers weren’t easily attainable or affordable. Now, they’re quite inexpensive, so your friend can enjoy endless entertainment while out in the wilderness.

These are all great gifts for a rugged camper! They vary in price range so you should be able to find a suitable gift for your budget.