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11 Great Gifts for the Aspiring Photographer

There are many great gifts you can give an aspiring photographer. A camera seems like the most obvious choice, but there are many other gifts you can give as well. An ideal gift for a photographer could be anything from a camera case to gift hampers filled with accessories and supplies.

If you are stuck for ideas, here are eleven gift ideas for you to consider:

1. Digital Frame

There’s nothing like displaying photos on a gorgeous picture frame. Better still, how about a digital picture frame! You can actually view slideshows in a digital frame. Some of them also have mp3 playback capability so that the user can add audio or music to the slideshow.

2. Personal GPS Location Finder

Since photographers are constantly exploring, it’s a good idea for them to have a personal GPS. That way, they can wander from place to place without getting lost.

3. Camera Case Or Bag

This is the most basic gift you can give a photographer, yet it’s also the most useful. Decide whether you want to give them a small case for their camera or a large bag for their camera and equipment. Camera bags come in all sizes and styles.

4. Portable Hard Drive

Images can take up a lot of space – especially if they are larger than 5 megapixels. Since photographers take lots of images, they will need plenty of storage space. Portable hard drives are pretty cheap these days. You can find a 1TB hard drive for less than $100.

5. Flash Drive

Flash memory cards don’t hold as much as hard drives, but they are easier to carry around. They typically range from 8 GB to 32 GB. They’re easy to use too. A USB flash drive is ideal because they can just be plugged into a USB spot on any PC.

6. Subscription to a Photography Magazine Such As ‘Popular Photography’

Photography magazines offer tips and resources to help aspiring photographers. Sure, they can read tips online, but there’s nothing like getting a new magazine in the mail every month.

7. Photoshop Books and Tutorial Videos

Photographers need Photoshop to help them clean up their pictures. Unfortunately, the program isn’t easy to use. Even the basics are hard to grasp. Buy the aspiring photographer videos and books on Photoshop so that they can learn how to use it properly.

8. Gift Baskets Filled with Food or Drinks

If you know a landscape photographer then chances are anything that can be packed into a picnic can improve their inspiration. What better for a photographer to head out into the countryside with some nice cheese, wine and a camera!

9. Joby Gorillapod

This neat little tripod has very flexible legs; it can be set to almost any angle. You can even wrap the legs around a post! Even though it’s light, it’s still pretty sturdy. The legs can stand on any kind of terrain.

10. Photobucket Pro Account

A Photobucket account is a must-have for any photographer. They can upload their best pictures and share them with the world. Standard accounts have a limit of 10 GB a month. They’re also subjected to ads. A Pro account is far superior and offers some amazing benefits. You can choose to pay for one month, one year, or two years.

11. Apple iPod Nano

An iPod Nano comes in handy for photographers because it allows them to sync photos in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, and PSD. They can also listen to music while they travel to shooting locations. Don’t forget to get an adapter, which is sold separately.