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The 8 Best Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is the biggest event in a young person’s life. Whether they’re graduating from high school or university, they deserve a wonderful gift. Most students will tell you that they want money, but money is an impersonal gift. If you really want to show that you care for them, put some thought into unique gifts. Gift baskets, for example, are excellent choices for graduates, since they can be filled with many useful items that any student will appreciate.

Here are eight more graduation gift ideas:

1. iPod or iPad

iPod Touches and iPads are more than just multimedia players. They can be used for email, note taking, surfing the net, and more. There are thousands of useful apps for these devices. Their touch screen capability makes them very easy to use.

2. A Notebook

A notebook computer is a great gift for any graduate student. High school graduates can take it to university and university graduates can use it in their chosen careers. They are pretty inexpensive these days; you can buy a decent notebook for less than $600.

3. Personalized Picture Frame

While not as expensive or as useful as the aforementioned gifts, a personalized picture frame is still a great choice. After all, graduation is one of the most memorable moments in anybody’s life. Give the special graduate in your life a chance to display his or her special day in a picture frame!

4. A Clothing Or Petrol Card

Clothing and petrol are the two biggest expenses for a graduate. Help them out by giving them a gift card to their favourite clothing store or a petrol station. If you want to go with a petrol card, be sure to choose one from a popular chain so that they will be able to fill up just about anywhere.

5. Gift Hampers

Spa gifts. Champaign. Truffles. Chocolate. Gourmet food and wine. These are the typical items you will find in a graduates gift basket. You can order the hamper online and have it delivered or you can buy all of the items separately and put it together yourself.

6. University Survival Books

There are many helpful books for high school graduates. Prepare them for university by giving them books such as “The University Survival Book”, “1000 Best Money Secrets for Students” and “Happiest Kid on Campus”

7. Kindle With Amazon Gift Card

Speaking of books, why not give them an entire library? They can download and read thousands of books with the Kindle! Although Amazon does offer many free downloads, most books cost money. Give them a gift card so that they can buy all of the books they want.

8. Personalized Charm Necklace

Commemorate the milestone in her life by giving her a charm necklace. One side can be stamped with her initials and the other side can be stamped with the year. The pendant can be shaped as a heart, graduation cap, or coin.

These are all great gifts that any graduate will love to have.