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The Top 10 Gifts for a One Year Old

Are you looking for gifts for a one year old? Just because they won’t remember their first birthday or Christmas in the years to come, doesn’t mean you can’t make the big day special. It’s not easy to find an ideal gift for a one year old, presents can range from plush toys to personalised gift hampers. So here are ten gift ideas for you to consider:

1. Bath Toys

Make cleaning time fun by giving a baby bath toys. Transform the tub into a pool of delights with toys such as rubber duckys, hippo bath mitts, toy boats, and more.

2. Mega Blocks


Building blocks are both fun and educational. Parents can sit down with their little ones and start building with them. Another reason why these are such great gifts is that they will still be enjoyed for the second year, third, fourth, and so on. Be sure to give them a big set, which includes a lot of colours and shapes.

3. Books

There are plenty of great picture books you can give to a one year old. Go with a starter library which includes board books, alphabet books, and lift-the-flap books. These are ideal books for a toddler who is learning how to read.

4. Shape Sorters

These are simple, yet smart gifts for babies and toddlers. The shape sorters help children learn how to recognise different shapes and patterns. They will enjoy playing with the sorters and stackers. Shapes include stars, squares, spheres, rectangles and hearts.

5. A Learning Walker

A learning walker is a lot of fun. They support the child as he or she starts to get around. Make sure you get a good brand so that it will last a long time.

6. Dolls Or Stuffed Animals

There are so many options with dolls and stuffed animals. Get a one year old a girl a doll that is made out of quality materials so that it won’t rip or tear. Get a one year old boy a stuffed animal, like a lion or a cute bear.

7. Activity Table

There are activity tables for both boys and girls alike. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some are designed like picnic tables and some like kitchen tables. One popular activity set for girls features pink chairs and a table with Disney princesses painted on it.

8. Toy Phone

One year olds will love to have their own phones to play with, since mum and dad probably won’t let them play with real ones. Parents can also play along with their one year olds by picking up their own phones and pretending to talk.

9. Gift Baskets

A gift basket can contain gifts for both babies and parents. It can contain diapers, cups, toy rattles, books, blocks, and more. You can order pre-packaged baskets online or put one together yourself. A great idea is to get a food or drink hamper for the parents, after all, they need to relax too!

10. Noisemaker Toys

One year olds love making noises. Not only do they enjoy making noises, they also know that by doing so, they can get attention. Delight a one year old with a toy that rattles, beeps and clangs. You could also introduce a toddler to music by giving him or her a toy drum.

Gifts for one year olds can be both simple and fun. The great thing about all of these gifts is that they are affordable!