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7 Great Gifts for Journalists and Writers

Do you know a journalist or a writer? Is his or her birthday coming up soon? Or do you want to start shopping early for Christmas? Either way, you will find that there are plenty of great gifts for writers. A few decades ago, the only gifts you could give a writer were fountain pens, notebooks, or typewriters. Now, you can give them anything from an iPad to gift baskets filled with all sorts of items.

Here are seven great gift ideas for a journalist, blogger, or writer:

1. Ergonomic Computer Chair

This is a good gift for any writer who has to sit behind a desk all day. If they don’t have a good computer chair, they’ll suffer from neck and shoulder strain. They might also develop back problems. An ergonomic chair will allow them to type comfortably. Make sure that the chair is adjustable so that they can set it to match their desk height.

2. Magazine Subscriptions

While a lot of magazine publishers offer digital issues for download, there’s nothing like finding a brand new magazine in the mailbox every month. Since digital downloads have become so popular, paper copies are a lot cheaper now days! A 1-year subscription that would have cost $20 ten or fifteen years ago is now no more than $12 now.

3. A Collection Of Vintage Newspapers

This is a great gift for anybody involved in the publishing industry. Just look online for newspapers printed before the year 1990. If you can, find a few antique issues of your friend’s favourite papers.

4. iPod Touch or iPhone

These hand-held devices can be used to surf the web, send emails, take notes, save audio, and so forth. Both devices allow the user to record audio. Be sure to get them a microphone and headset to go with the device.

The iPhone also includes a phone, camera, and a GPS with directions and maps. They won’t have to worry about getting lost when tracking stories.

5. Gift Hampers Filled With Beer and Wine

Writing can be a lot of hard work so journalists need to relax! A gift hamper with some great drinks or delicious snacks will always be appreciated by keyboard jockeys.

6. Digital Video Camera

Everybody dreams of making movies or being on TV. With a digital camera, that journalist in your life can try photojournalism. The great thing about digital camcorders is that they don’t cost nearly as much money as they used to. You should be able to find a good one for less than $400.

7. Quality Audio Recorder

Every journalist and writer needs a good audio recorder. If they’re away from the computer and come up with an idea for a good story, they can talk about the idea in the recorder so that they won’t forget anything later on.

All of these gifts will be appreciated by anybody involved in the writing or journalism industries. The prices vary, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding an affordable gift.