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11 Super Sweet 16 Gifts

Every girl looks forward to her sweet 16th. Since it’s her special year, she deserves a special present. You can’t give her a cheap, ordinary gift, but at the same time you don’t have to buy her a new car either. That being said, you should still get her something nice. You don’t even have to settle on one gift. For example, what girl wouldn’t love gift baskets filled with snacks and lots of yummy goodies!

To give you some ideas on what to buy, here are some great sweet 16th gifts:

1. Digital Camera

She can take pictures to remind her of her sweet 16th. Digital cameras don’t cost all that much money these days. You can buy a decent one for $100.

2. iPod or iPad

iPods and iPads are two of Apple’s most popular products. These devices can play music and videos, access the internet, and read emails. Thousands of apps are available to keep users entertained for hours.

3. Gift Card To A Clothing Store

Girls love to shop. Girls love clothes. Give her a chance to do both by giving her a gift card to her favourite clothing store. If you don’t live near any of these stores, you can order the cards online.

4. Spa Gift

There are tons of great spa gifts to choose from. If she lives near a spa, schedule an appointment for her. You could also give her a gift certificate. If she doesn’t live near a spa, you can give her gifts such as therapeutic slippers or a basket full of soap and aromatherapy candles.

5. Amazon Kindle

It’s a misconception that teens don’t like to read. There are tons of books that appeal to young adults. The Kindle 3G is the best option because it involves no complicated wireless setup. She can download books as soon as she takes the Kindle out of the box.

6. Gift Hampers

These hampers or baskets can be filled with anything: vanilla, chocolate, pampering sets or beauty products. Some are already filled with goodies. You can buy a beautiful pre-made basket online to save you time as well.

7. Jewellery

You can never go wrong with jewellery. How about a tennis bracelet? Gemstone necklace? 14k gold earrings? Heart locket? There are some really gorgeous “Sweet 16” lockets in 14k. Other popular options include Austrian crystals and Swarovski.

8. New Mobile

If there’s one thing that no teenager can live without, it’s a mobile. Get the birthday girl a new iPhone or Blackberry for her sweet 16th. Don’t forget to set her up with a good service plan.

9. Concert Tickets

Not all sweet 16th gifts have to be physical items. Get her concert tickets to her favourite band or singer so that she can have an unforgettable evening. Be sure to get an extra ticket or two so that she can take her friends.

10. Perfume

Need some ideas? Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Juicy Couture are some of the biggest names in the fragrance industry. If you’re still unsure of what kind of perfume to get her, buy her a gift certificate to a perfume store.

11. Roadside emergency kit

She’ll be getting her license soon, so give her something that will ensure her safety on the road. A roadside emergency kit includes first aid supplies, maps, and other pieces to assist a teen in the event that her car breaks down.