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9 Great Gifts for Gardeners

What kind of gifts do gardeners like? Rakes? Shovels? Gift hampers filled with yummy snacks for when they are having a break? There are many things that an avid gardener can use to create and maintain a beautiful garden. Some gifts can be used for indoor gardening and some for outdoor gardening.

But not all gifts have to be tools or seeds. There are a wide range of accessories and decorations to choose from.

Here are nine great gifts for gardeners:

1. Wishing Well Fountain

Everybody loves wishing well fountains. A Zen wishing well is a great choice because it provides a soothing presence to any garden. The bubbling fountain is embossed with bamboo. Some garden wishing wells even come with coins, each printed with words such as “wealth”, “health”, “peace”, “prosperity” and “luck”.

2. Storage Stools

A wooden stool is essential for any garden. These days, garden stools are a mix of traditional designs with contemporary features. They are compact and portable, with cut out handles for carrying. The storage compartment can hold seeds and tools.

3. Bee House

Bee houses can be very gorgeous. A mason bee house is ideal because mason bees are expert pollinators. This is a great gift for gardeners who grow fruits and vegetables.

4. Bird Feeders

No garden is complete without birds. Not only are they a beautiful addition to a garden, they also get rid of pests. Bird feeders are available in every style imaginable. There are platform feeders, tubular feeders, hopper feeders and many more. You can build a bird feeder yourself if you really want to give your gardener friend something special. Plans and instructions are available online.

5. Seeds Starter Kit

Seed starter kits are ideal for beginner gardeners. They contain seeds for twelve flowering plants, including poppies, marigolds, sweet peas, and zinnias, as well as organic soil pallets and earthenware pots. Instructions are provided on which seeds to plant each month.

6. Gift Baskets

gift basket is a great idea for a gardener as the best thing about gardening is taking a break and enjoying the plants. Find out what they like and you can choose them a BBQ gift basket right through to beer or wine! For something more traditional choose something with chocolate, cakes or biscuits.

7. Galileo Outdoor Thermometer

These thermometers are really charming. They contain eleven color-coded spheres which measure outdoor temperature. The container is made from powder-coated metal and glass. Just make sure to bring in inside during the cold winter months.

8. Jewel Blossom Vases

When lined up properly, these dew-drop-shaped vases look incredibly beautiful. The colours include red, blue, yellow, green, and purple. They are handmade out of mouth-blown glass, and stand around a metre high.

9. Garden Kneeler

Bending down in a garden all day can cause knee problems, especially for people over the age of 50. So you can be sure that a garden kneeler will be appreciated by an avid gardener, since it provides a cushion for their knees.

All of these gifts are must-have for gardeners. They are great choices for both indoor and outdoor gardens.