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8 Gifts Ideas for the Avid Gamer

There are tons of wonderful gifts to give that special gamer in your life. If you don’t know a lot about gaming yourself, then you might need some ideas for the perfect gift. Gamers all have different tastes in gaming systems and genres. Gift baskets filled with games and accessories might seem like a great idea, but if you don’t choose the right games and accessories, your recipient won’t be pleased with the gift.

If you’re unsure of what to get, here are eight ideas to get you started:

1. Gift Baskets or Hampers

Sounds strange? Not at all! If you will choose the wrong game for an avid gamer then a gift basket filled with chocolate or other snack food will make them very happy indeed! Gamers love having a munch on something and you might want to consider a beer or wine hamper for older gamers that love a tipple as they play.

2. Points

Console gamers can use points to buy games online. They can simply download the game or app instead of installing a physical copy. These points really come in handy. Everybody who owns a Wii, XBOX, or PS 3 would be happy to receive points. You can buy the points on gaming cards at department stores and game stores.

3. Sony PSPgo

This is Sony’s new handheld gaming device. In addition to gaming, it also has internet features, which means that gamers can access the PlayStation Network from any location. The PSPGo is 43” smaller than the original PSP device and it has 16 GB of flash memory for storing games, videos, photos and documents.

4. Nintendo DSi

Not all gamers care for Sony. Some prefer Nintendo. For the Nintendo fanatic in your life, the DSi is an ideal gift. The newest model even has a built-in camera and an internet browser! It’s different from other handheld systems because it has two touchscreens. Those who didn’t like the original DS touchscreen will find the new DSi touchscreen a huge improvement.

5. A/V switchbox

An A/V switchbox offers extra A/V inputs. This product comes in handy for those who want to hook multiple systems up to their televisions. Some switchboxes have HDMI inputs so that users can connect their gaming consoles to their HDTVs.

6. Gaming Gift Hampers

Get a gift hamper and stuff it full of games and gaming gear. Just make sure that you choose the right products for the recipient’s console. For a Nintendo Wii gamer, stuff the hamper full of Wii accessories like an extra Wii-mote and batteries. For a PlayStation or xBox gamer, put a keypad and headset in the hamper.

7. PlayStation Eye Gifts

The PlayStation Eye helps PS 3 owners extend their interactive gaming experience. It has a camera, motion controllers, and built-in microphones for online communication. Keep in mind that the motion controllers and the camera are sold separately. Be sure to buy the camera and at least one controller.

8. xBox 360 Text Messaging Kit

The text messaging kit gives xBox players the opportunity to chat with friends and family. They can send text messages to other xBox 360 systems or Windows based PCs. The kit connects to xBox 360TM controllers.

These are all great gifts for gamers! Just be sure to find out which system your recipient has and which games he/she prefers.