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9 Essential Gifts for Travellers

Are you trying to find a gift for somebody who loves travel and adventure? You don’t have to spend a fortune on a cruise package or airfare. You can find some nice, affordable gifts for any type of traveller. Gift baskets filled with travel-size shampoo, soap, sunscreen, and other personal care products are a great start.

Here are nine more essential gifts for travellers:

1. Universal Chargers

These days, travellers take a variety of electronic devices with them everywhere they go. Mobile phones, iPods, notebooks, PDAs, and digital cameras are just a few examples. They will really appreciate having a multi-purpose universal charger.

2. Hands-Free Device For A Mobile Phone

Improve your friend’s safety by getting him or her a hands-free device for a mobile. You won’t have to worry about him/her driving around with one hand while talking on the mobile with the other.

3. Gift Hampers

There are traveller baskets and hampers filled with all kinds of items. Some have journals and photo albums. Some contain shampoo, conditioner and soap. There are “plane comfort” hampers filled with eye masks, inflatable neck pillows, ear plugs and wet wipes.

4. Travel Guides

Travel guides are always useful. Find out where your friend is going and buy them some travel guides. If your friend has an e-reader all you have to do is buy him or her an Amazon gift card.

5. E-Readers

Speaking of e-readers, if your friend doesn’t have one, now’s the time to buy them one. Why should travellers carry around one or two books when they can carry around an entire library in even less space.

6. A Compass

Whether your traveller friend wants to go camping, backpacking, or exploring a new city, a compass will come in handy. Get a good quality compass that comes with magnifying lens. No batteries should be required.

7. A Laptop Bag

Just about everybody travels with a laptop these days. Unfortunately, not all laptop bags are airline friendly. Choose a bag that will allow the laptop to lie flat when going through the x-ray machine at the checkpoint. And make sure they don’t come with those annoying fasteners so they are easy to open and close.

8. Locks

Locks can come in handy for just about anything. They can protect baggage, bicycles, scooters, and so forth. Travellers can never be too careful when it comes to thieves. This is especially the case when they are in an area that is unfamiliar to them.

9. First Aid Kit

Regardless of where they’re going and how long they’re going to stay, travellers aren’t always guaranteed safety. Accidents can happen at any time. Basic first aid items such as bandages and medicine are essential. You can buy a first aid kit or put one together yourself by buying all of the essential items separately.

Every traveller has their own personal taste and preferences. It all depends on where they plan on going and what they plan on doing. Nevertheless, these nine gifts should come in handy during any type of trip.