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7 Great Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Are you trying to find a gift for your grandparents this Christmas? Or perhaps you want to help your kids choose the right gift for their grandparents? Either way, it won’t be as difficult as you think. What can you give those who have already received countless gifts over the decades? Gift baskets ? Gift certificates? Homemade gifts? There are a variety of gifts that older recipients can appreciate.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for grandparents. Regardless of your budget, you should find the right type of gift right here:

1. A Basket Filled With Fresh Produce

Why not help your grandparents improve their diet by having fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to their house. Check with your local markets to see if any of them do deliveries. If not, then you can prepare the basket yourself.

2. Gym Membership Or Dance Lessons


Help your grandparents to kick-start an exercise habit! Dance lessons in particular will be a very fun experience for an elderly couple. Be sure to get them some gym clothes, shoes, and exercise gear as well.

3. An Electronic Reading Device

A Kindle or an iPad would be a great gift for an elderly individual with arthritic hands. These reading devices are easier to handle than books. They can also buy and download books without having to leave their homes. An eReader is a great way for you to introduce your grandparents to the world of technology, and furthermore, grandparents with poor eyesight will appreciate the ability to adjust font size.

4. Tickets For A Concert Or Play

This is a wonderful gift for grandmas and grandpas who don’t get out much. Take them out on the town to see a play or a concert. No matter how old they are, they should still stay active and social.

5. A Family Photo Collage

This is a unique gift that you can create in the comfort of your own home. If you have kids, they can help you create family photo collages for their grandparents and great-grandparents. Go through photo albums and look for photos of relatives. Fix the older pictures up in Photoshop and make copies. Glue pictures onto a poster board and decorate it with glitter and stickers to give it that ‘wow’ factor.

6. Gift Hampers Filled With Items

You can put just about anything inside of a gift hamper: candy, cakes, cookies or spices. You can make the basket yourself and fill it up with items, or order one online. Gift stores usually offer delivery services.

7. A Donation To Their Favorite Charity

For grandparents who really don’t want anything, a donation to their favorite cause can be a wonderful gift. Just make the donation in their name. Most charities will send you a receipt or thank you note. If you make the donation online, you can print out a copy of the email.

Hopefully, you will find these gift ideas to be helpful. As long as your grandparents know that their gift comes from the heart, they should love it.