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10 Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

So you’ve been invited to a baby shower. What are the best gifts you can give a mum-to-be? Gift baskets ? Baby clothes? Blankets? Choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower isn’t easy, especially if you’re not a parent yourself.

Well, don’t worry! Whether you’re a parent or not, here are ten gift ideas for you to look over. These gifts are all great choices for any expecting mother:

1. Bath Kit

Expecting mothers will need bath items for keeping their babies clean. A bath kit includes soft washcloths, a mild soap, baby shampoo, tiny combs and brushes, and a rubber ducky or two.

2. Gift Hampers


These huge baskets can hold a variety of items, including baby blankets, clothes, bottles, and toys. They can be personalized as well – some are ideal for boys and some for girls. You can also buy an empty basket and fill it up with items yourself.

3. Baby Monitor

A portable baby monitor is a must-have for any parent. Nervous, first-time mums especially need something that will give them some peace of mind. Baby monitors can pick up the slightest sounds from hundreds of feet away. Newer models include motion sensors that set off an alarm if the baby hasn’t moved for a while.

4. Children’s Books

Sure, she won’t need these right away, but any mum-to-be will love getting children’s books. A few years from now, she will read them to her child, and doing so will strengthen their bond.

5. A Bouncy Seat

Babies love bouncy seats. They can wiggle all they want and parents don’t have to worry about them falling out. Bouncy seats are versatile and portable pieces of baby furniture that provide little ones with hours of entertainment.

6. Personal Planner

Help her manage her hectic schedule with a personal planner. These handheld organizers provide weekly and monthly sections to help her keep track of appointments and parties.

7. Magnetic Baby Clothes

They look like ordinary baby clothes, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that they have magnets! Mums and dads can dress the baby quickly without any fuss.

8. A Jogging Stroller

The new mum will want to get back into shape after giving birth. A jogging stroller is an excellent gift. It will give her the chance to jog while pushing the baby around. These strollers are designed with safety features so that the baby won’t bounce around.

9. Organic Baby Gifts

Traditional baby items are made with dyes and toxins, which can be problematic for infants with allergy problems. Organic baby gifts such as cotton clothing and bedding are cleaner and safer.

10. Items For The Nursery

You can’t go wrong with a gift for the baby’s room. Since mum will need light in order to check on the baby at night, why not get a cute lamp? Or how about some soft sheets? Other nursery items include furniture, stuffed animals, wallpaper and decals, piggy banks, and picture frames.

These are all great gifts for a baby shower. Any expecting mother will be thrilled to receive any one of these as a gift.