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Top 10 Gifts for Sports Fans

Sports enthusiasts aren’t all that hard to buy for. Just as long as you know their favorite sport, team, and player, you can choose from thousands and thousands of gifts. These gifts include anything from hats to sports gift baskets filled with memorabilia.

Of course, there are the more expensive gifts, like valuable baseball cards or autographed balls. But chances are you’re looking for something a little less costly, so here are ten affordable gifts for sports fans:

1. Jerseys

You can never go wrong with jerseys. They are the most popular piece of fan apparel. Just make sure that you know your recipient’s favorite teams.

2. Desk Accessories


These gifts are ideal for office workers. You can go with anything from sports themed pens to football shaped paperweights. There are tons of great ideas. Desk accessories really don’t cost all that much either.

3. Sports Ties

Don’t have a lot of money? Then go for a sports tie! It’s an inexpensive gift for any special guy in your life. Get one with a logo of his favorite team.

4. Sports Gift Hampers

A great idea is to get a gift hamper filled with items that a sports fan would love: ceramic mug, team flag, hats, toy F1 cars, baseball cards and snacks. You can order one online and have it delivered to the recipient’s house, or buy everything separately and put it together yourself.

5. Mouse Pads

Office workers aren’t the only ones who use mouse pads. They can be used on any desk. There are mouse pads for every professional sporting team. Football and basketball mouse pads are usually shaped like balls.

6. Tickets

Tickets are the best gifts for sports fans. Why not give them the chance to see their favorite team live? Just make sure that they’re not working on that day. If you have enough money, get two tickets so that they can take a friend.

7. Collectibles

Collectibles can be anything from an autographed jersey to pens with team logos on them. All that really matters is your budget. Most sports fans are happy with just about any type of collectible. You can get them something representing their favorite team, player, or sport.

8. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads make for cute gifts! You can buy them for male and female fans alike. There are bobbleheads for just about every famous sportsman and sportswoman.

9. Helmet Pencil Holder

This is a great gift for students and anybody who collects pens. They can show off their favourite Formula 1 team pride with these pencil holders. There’s one for every helmet wearing sports star.

10. Mugs

Mugs are more generic gifts, but they still are very popular. They’re available in many colors and sizes, but the average size is 16-ounce. Be sure to get one made out of stainless steel or glass.

These are the best gifts for sports enthusiasts. Now you have some ideas of what to get that sports lover in your life.