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9 Original Birthday Gifts for Teenagers

Getting a birthday gift for a teenager can be a difficult affair considering how rapidly their tastes change. You need something that’s unique but also speaks to the interests of teenagers without being condescending. You could buy one gift, or you could buy several and pile them all in a gift hamper. Either way, here is a list of nine birthday gifts for teenagers:

1. Gadgets

The latest gadget is sure to wow your teenage son or daughter. A new mobile phone, laptop or tablet PC, depending on how much money you intend to spend, would be an ideal gift.

2. Video Games

Teens, especially boys, love video games. While you’ll have to do some research on what gaming system they have and what titles they already own, getting a hot new game is always a good place to start if you are drawing a blank. Just be sure to consult the shop assistant on what games would suit your teenage son or daughter.


3. Active Wear

Teens play a lot of sports; it is a great way for them to let off some pent up energy. Help their sporting aspirations along by providing them with all the athletic and active wear they need to perform at their best.

4. Umbra Snap Frames

Teens take a lot of pictures, but most of these photos are going to be digital. However, what happens when they want to proudly display these pictures in their room? Enter the Umbra Snap Frames. These frames display pictures with the look of an old Polaroid instant. Not only are they practical but also very charming and retro.

5. Board Games

Most people stereotype teens as being tech obsessed. While this is true to a certain extent, teenagers don’t automatically ignore things just because they aren’t electronic. Board games, especially fun and new ones, are great presents for bored teens that have had enough of the computer.

6. Harry Potter Box Set

Harry Potter is hugely popular amongst teens. While it’s likely that most teens have read the books and seen the movies, a gift basket with the complete collected works would make for a great present to the uninitiated.

7. Monster Hoodies

These zip up hoodies are a bit odd looking, but they are charming in a way and trendy amongst teens. Look for these hoodies in speciality stores or online in an array of styles and colours.

8. Skin Products

This gift may be more suited for girls than boys, but skin products, such as fancy lotions and facial scrubs, are great gifts for teens. Not only are these beauty products a sign of maturity, something that teens strive for, but they also help clear up pimples and blemishes.

9. Room Furnishings

Teens like to fancy up their room a lot so this gift is sure to be an instant hit. But because it is very hard to buy something that they will like, take your teen shopping with you and have them pick something out.

Buying gifts for anyone is difficult, but for teenagers it can seem like an impossible task. With this article in hand your gifts are sure to wow your teenager son or daughter.