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Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

Buying Christmas presents for you mum is never easy. You never know what she wants – whether it’s a Christmas hamper or that new Dan Brown book. So if you’re stuck for ideas, here are our top ten Christmas gift ideas for your mum:

    1. Kitchen Appliances

Chances are that your mum loves kitchen appliances. Whether it’s a new toaster or a new espresso machine, you can guarantee that she’ll find some kitchen space for it. Just be careful not to buy any appliances that your mum already has.

    1. Gardening Supplies

If your mum loves gardening, then she will really appreciate some gardening supplies as a Christmas gift. If she has a small garden, buy her some flowers or a handle weed remover. If she loves to have birds in her garden, buy her a birdbath.

    1. Jewellery

You just can’t go wrong with jewellery when it comes to mum. Whether it’s a beautiful bracelet or that stunning necklace she’s always been talking about, you can be sure to make her Christmas with some jewellery.

    1. DVD

If you’re looking for a more informal, down to earth sort of gift, buy your mum a DVD of her favourite movie. She’ll really appreciate the gift, and if you know her favourite movie she’ll really be impressed.

    1. Electronic Reader (eReader)

Instead of buying your mum a book this Christmas, find her a nice eReader instead. The Amazon Kindle is only a few hundred dollars and with a digital electronic reader, your mum can have thousands of books at her fingertips.

    1. Digital Photo Frame

I bet your mum loves to receive a framed photo of her grandchildren at Christmas. But what she would love even more is a digital photo frame. These photo frames can slideshow hundreds of pictures.

    1. Cookbook

If your mum just loves to cook, then buy her a cookbook. You can spend hours pondering whether she’ll like this gift or that gift, but at the end of the day it will be much easier if you just keep it simple and stick to what she likes.

    1. Perfume

Perfume makes for a fantastic Christmas gift. If you are unsure whether your mum will like the perfume you’ve chosen, take her out a few weeks before Christmas and have her try a few perfumes.

    1. Gift Basket

Gift baskets make for fantastic Christmas presents. Not only will mum receive one present, but she’ll get a whole basket worth of presents. Better still, you can pick from a wide variety of baskets, so if you’re mum likes health food, then you can buy her a health food gift basket.

    1. Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are a great gift if you simply cannot make your mind up on what gift you want to buy. Make sure you put the voucher in a card with a personalized message. Something like ‘Happy Birthday Mum! You know how bad I am at picking present so I thought that I’d give you a voucher instead’

With these ten gift ideas, you’ll be able to pick a great Christmas gift for your mum. Happy holidays!