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Baby Hampers—the Perfect Gift for a New Mum

A new baby is a gift in itself; it is a source of joy for the entire family. To show your appreciation you may have been looking for the ideal gift to give to the new mum and her baby. Although there are millions of gifts to choose from, a baby hamper is the perfect gift of all. A baby hamper, or a gift basket for babies, can definitely brighten any mum’s day!

A baby hamper usually takes the form of a decorative basket filled with an assortment of items that a mother and her new baby would need in the coming years.

Here are six different types of baby hampers you can give a mother and her beautiful new baby:

1. A Baby Bath Time Hamper

A baby bath time hamper is filled with items that a new mum can use to care for her baby during and after bathing. An assortment of baby shampoo, soap, baby oil, lotions, sponges, wrapping blankets and bath toys can be included in the baby hamper. You can even customize this baby hamper according to the baby’s gender; blue for a boy and pink or yellow for a girl.

2. A Feeding Time Baby Hamper

A feeding time baby hamper is filled with items that a new mum needs to feed her baby like feeding bottles, dummy, bibs, breastfeeding supplies and even a baby guide book for feeding and burping.

3. A Sleep Time Baby Hamper

This gift hamper has a small pillow, a blanket, sleeping overalls and night time nappies. You can even include some relaxing music as well – every parent has gone through those sleepless nights when a new baby simply cannot fall asleep. You can be sure that the new mum will appreciate these gifts.

4. A Welcome Home Baby Hamper

This hamper is full of items that a baby needs when he or she comes home from the hospital. You can fill it with nappies, blankets, a small picture book for special notes and greetings from guests, and small plush toys for the baby.

5. A Day Out Baby Hamper

This special gift basket can be filled with items that a baby needs when he goes out for a stroll, like a small cap, wrapping blankets and little sunglasses. You can also include baby safe sunscreen, sweaters and adorable little booties.

6. A Hamper with Special Things for Mum

This hamper is especially designed for the tired mum’s relaxation after the baby’s delivery. Inside you’ll find gifts like hand lotion, vitamins, chocolates and a foot spa set.

A baby hamper is definitely a great gift for first time mums and you can make it even more special with a personal touch. Add a small note, a picture or a DVD of all your special wishes for the new baby and the mum’s speedy recovery. It will be a gift that the new mum and her baby will never forget!