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Five Ways to Do Good

Doing good is easier said than done because goodness must come from the heart. A good deed can be as simple as giving gift baskets to families in need or a financial donation to a struggling charity. You can also do good with big actions, like inventing a new product. Either way every single action you take contributes to making the world a better place.

Here are five really great ways to do good:

1. Try Volunteer Work

Volunteering your time and effort to help the less privileged, build homes and feed the hungry are great ways to do good. Many charities would appreciate your presence and your efforts much more than your financial donation. There is also something incredibly rewarding about helping people – when you do good, you feel good too!

2. Standing Up For Your Rights and the Rights of Others

Doing good means standing up for your rights and the rights of others. Standing up for animal rights is a heroic act since animals have no voice. You can also stand up for the rights of people who are oppressed, like asylum seekers. You can offer professional help if you are a lawyer or you can simply offer your time to listen and comfort them.

3. Making Real Change

Doing good can also take the form of making real change. For example, if you are an engineer you could focus your efforts in trying to reinvent and reform environmentally wasteful processes so that they are more efficient. A good example is recycling; many dedicated scientists and engineers have spent countless hours transforming the way we use our waste. Now our world is so much better because of their efforts.

It is important that you don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once. These great achievements were accomplished day by day, so even if you feel as though your efforts are in vain, keep going and remember those you are trying to help.

4. Simple Actions

Doing good doesn’t always have to be a monumental affair; sometimes it is the small things that count. Sending a Christmas hamper to one family in need, being sincere in dealing with your customers, being honest in everything you do and believing in your personal ability to excel in life.

5. Being a Great Example for Others

When others see the fruits of your positive actions they will in turn be inspired to do good as well. Notable figures in history like Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa and the Dali Lama have been inspirations to thousands, all who have gone on to do good work of their own. It is therefore important that goodness springs forth naturally from within so others can follow your example.

Doing good can take many forms. You can do good in a big way or you can focus on making small positive changes to people’s lives. Either way you will notice that the people around you will appreciate your efforts and urge you to go on.