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Nine Great Gifts for Corporate Clients

Choosing a great gift for a corporate clients is not the easiest task. Your gift has to be appropriate and thoughtful – you definitely want to leave a positive impression. But with thousands of gifts on the market – from gift baskets to custom made trophies – you might find the whole experience a little overwhelming.

So what are the best gifts for corporate clients? Here is our top nine:

    1. A Donation to their Favourite Charity

If your client has a favourite charity, then they would really appreciate a donation in their name. Most charities specialise in these sorts of gifts and would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

    1. Season Tickets

If you find out that your client is a big fan of a certain sporting team, there is no better gift than season tickets. You can be sure that your client will remember your generosity for many years to come. Because season tickets are quite expensive, only give this gift to your most important clients.

    1. Desk Clocks

Desk clocks are elegant and affordable gifts for your corporate clients. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and you if you find the right design, your corporate client is sure to appreciate the gift.

    1. Christmas Hamper

If you are planning to send your corporate clients a gift for Christmas, then Christmas hampers are the perfect choice. The best thing of Christmas hampers is that you can fill then with anything, so make sure that you add items that a relevant to your clients business. For example, if your client is in the video rental sector, be sure to include some DVD’s and a few books on the film industry.

    1. Business Books

Business books make for great gifts if your client is relatively new to the business world. So long as the book is helpful and relevant to their industry, your client is sure to love the gift.

    1. Digital Photo Frame

Let’s face it, those regular photo frames are starting to show their age. More and more people are switching to digital photo frames, so if you were thinking of buying your client a photo frame, upgrade to the digital photo frame.

    1. Wine

When it comes to corporate gifts, you can’t go wrong with a good bottle of wine. It is the universal gesture of goodwill and will go a long way to impressing your corporate clients.

    1. An Experience

If your clients are more adventurous than most, then why not live up to their expectations? Buy them a ticket for skydiving lessons or a voucher for cocktail making classes. They will never forget that one vendor who gave them a memorable experience.

    1. Parker Pens

Chances are your client needs to fill out paperwork on a daily basis. So a Parker pen would be the perfect corporate gift.

With these nine suggestions, you are sure to make a great impression on your corporate clients!