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Finding the Perfect Gift To Show You Care

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but do you know what is worth ten thousand words? A well-thought out gift. Telling someone you care is not always easy, but with the right gift, you won’t need to–they’ll know. If you’re currently trying to come up with the perfect gift to send someone, we’ve got a few ideas to help you along the way, whether you’re looking for a Christmas hamper to show your goodwill or a present to remind someone of days gone by.


A gift that someone has made themselves is always the prize piece of any occasion. Silly as it can seem, knowing that someone put effort and creativity into making a gift they thought you’d love is the best present of all—the fruits of their labour is secondary to the way their thoughtfulness has made you feel. If you’re thinking of making something for someone, try to play to your strengths. Consider yourself a good sewer? Why not make them a decorative pillow? Handy with wood? What about a piece of furniture? If, like many of us, you don’t feel you have a creative bone in your body, you can always make a mix-CD or a photo album–both of which are pretty hard to mess up!


The sentimental gift is always a winner (unless you’re sending your boss a gift, in which case it’s best to stick to the more professional side of things, and in any case, why are you sending your boss a present?). A gift that brings with it the power of sentiment or nostalgia is always memorable, so if you really want to impress that special someone try to think about the memories you share or the things you have in common. It doesn’t have to be grand–the sentiment it evokes is the real gift. Concert tickets to a band you know really means something to the recipient, or a framed picture of a special time you’ve shared—even a second-hand piece of jewellery with a back story—these are the items that will touch someone deeply.


Everyone loves to be pampered, especially in today’s busy lifestyle where most of us are hard-pressed to get any down time. With a gift basket, you can choose an array of pampering products and have them professionally bundled, wrapped and shipped to the recipient all from the comfort of your computer. Better yet, choose a charity gift baskets company so that a portion of the price of the gift will be donated to a charity of your choosing. The gift that gives twice!