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7 Generous Get Well Gifts

Getting sick or injured can really put a damper on someone’s spirits. Depending on the illness or injury, a hospital stay may last several weeks and recovery at home may last even longer. This can be quite taxing. Nevertheless, personalised gift hampers that convey get well wishes and condolences often can be a source of relief for these unlucky individuals.

Here is a list of seven ideal gifts to give someone who is recovering from illness or injury:

1. Movie Streaming Service

Purchasing a subscription to a video streaming service for a recovering person is a great way to keep their mind off their injury. They will have plenty of time to watch movies, and better still, with an online streaming service they can discover new films that they otherwise would not have watched.


2. Magazines and Books

Reading material can be hard to come by for the bedridden. Get the sick or injured person in question a large collection of reading material to keep them occupied. Not only will they be getting physically better, but a stack of books can help sharpen their mind as they heal.

3. Body Pillow

Lying around recuperating may sound enjoyable to those who are laboring behind their desks at work, but the experience can be exhausting for someone who has nothing else to do but lay around in a bed. A good way to provide some comfort is to give them a body pillow. This large pillow is great to cuddle with and can be moulded and shaped to provide support to various limbs as well as to the lower back.

4. Linens

Cheap linens can be abrasive and uncomfortable after a few days. A set of fresh linens can really help aid a person’s recovery, especially if they have been bedridden for a long period of time.

5. DVD of Their Favourite TV Series

Gift baskets full of sweets and flowers are one thing, but a more original gift that will be highly appreciated is a DVD of their favorite TV series. Watching TV is one of the best ways to pass the time, and when you are bedridden you have plenty of time to pass.

6. Flowers

Flowers are the most popular gifts for the sick and injured; and there is a good reason for why this is the case. Flowers are a powerful recovery tool. In fact, the presence of flowers has been shown to improve recovery due to the psychological benefit of being near living plants. Furthermore, flowers smell good and look nice. What’s not to like?

7. Wine

Although it may not be appropriate for someone who is injured or sick, an expensive bottle of wine is a great motivator for someone to recover quickly and start enjoying life again. The thought of enjoying a glass with their family and friends is sure to get their spirits up.

Buying gifts for the sick and injured is always a tricky affair, but with these seven suggestions you can be sure that they’ll appreciate the gift.